• Body boxing, punches to the abdomen.


The Liver punch

The fist departs from the chin and makes a circular movement in the direction of the liver of the opponent. At the same time, the body is bent over a little to the left side and the left leg is also bent a little to decrease height. Bridging distance and height is important during this movement. Defense of the right body part is important at the moment you make this move, the right chin part must be carefully protected by your right fist. To improve power into the punch it is the best to move the hip and leg behind the arm as a “backup” power system The return of the fist, again, must follow a straight line directly to the chin. A right hook to the spleen is often trained but seldom used as it is not very effective in a fighting situation. It moves the same way as the left liver hook but in the opposite direction.


Other body punches are to the floating ribs (eleventh and twelfth rib) and the Plexus Solaris. 

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Body boxing, punches to the abdomen.

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