• Being a Champion

Being a Champion

Do you dare to call yourself Champion of the World? Be sure many people do so. Some deserve a title but being a real World champion is something else. Let me first sum what we should consider a real authentic World champion.

We have over 200 countries in the world. Let us assume that your sport is practiced in at least 150 countries who are willing and able to have representatives that can compete. The first rule for a World championship is that the World is involved not just one country. To become a champion you should have competed with members of at least 45 of these countries. Meaning you should have at least 45 fights on your record before calling yourself an actual real Champion. Believe me, that is a lot of matches. It is not possible to do this in only 3-5 years of doing the sport.

But the reality is so much different, nearly bizarre. In the current situation, each organizer wants to have a Championship fight on the billboard. Together with a local “sports union” they organize a self-proclaimed Champion fight. The local favorite will compete with pre-selected opponents in a near to sure battle for the win.

There are more involved organizers who wish to be as honest as possible. These people will match fighters with the same level and talents as they wish to provide “value for money” to the spectators. At least these promotors do what people expect of them, serving a night out of spectacular fights involving high-quality competition.

Being conservative in all what we read you will conclude that the title of Champion does not have the value we wish for. But is that the mistake of the organizer, the fighter or the organizations behind it all. Fact is that most countries are organized in many different local chapters who will split up the moment some of the hotheaded members decide to do so. Governments and officially recognized sports organizations with worldwide covering are not interested in Martial Arts. In fact, it is even worse; they spit on us. Yes, most of these white collar sports officials look down upon Martial Arts and even on wrestling, boxing or weightlifting as being low class.

As for now and in the foreseen future we all will have to live with the fact that we will not see a real independent organization organizing world covering competition with fights leading to one Champion with the level of being an Olympic champion. Value the person behind the champion as someone with determination, a fighters heart and the courage to stand there and entertain you. That is the value of the title, a mentally strong, quality human being who gave you a good time. 

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Being a Champion

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