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Koxinga Village

Savior in dangerous times

Taiwan is under threat in many ways. The best solution to security for the island is to collect many international companies into a designated area where they gather together for research and operations on topics of global importance.

Koxinga Village is created to collect the top of climate-oriented companies and organizations to ensure Taiwan’s credibility, international recognition, and importance onto the negotiation table with the mainland to secure a peaceful solution for cooperation and long-term peace. A large international community is substantial leverage to consider, especially when successful and increasing in size with time. Therefore, to start as soon as possible we have set a small size planning of the village with existing facilities to expand with new buildings and operations within the next 5-10 years. The start should be in 2022.  

To suit the current status, the interest of the world, global importance, and investment needs and focus, we have chosen to take off with climate change as our primary goal for the village and international cooperation.

Climate change is one of the most serious issues that every island has to face. Besides this worldwide issue, there are the factors of local earthquake, typhoon, and water shortage on an industrial scale.

With Koxinga Village, we turn the threats into protection, possibility, development, and a future explosion of innovative power. In Taiwan, we collect the best people to protect the world. This project needs your attention, support, participation, and cooperation.

Why do you need the Koxinga Village?

Our first goal is to SAF/VE Taiwan. This extraordinary island is under threat of many factors! Taiwan must be free of those endangering elements peacefully! Together with the world, we conquer every threat or danger.

Earth needs our power, and the inclusive energy of the Koxinga Village save lives all over the world. Your participation is a need to save Earth and millions of lives.

Doing good, helping to save the world and millions of lives is profitable. You can do this all and still make a profit with all the sustainable, innovative, creative, and interactive activities we plan and collect in Koxinga Village. A profit without margins and not limited by the size of the island, covering the whole planet. Being in Koxinga Village delivers a valuable, profitable, and strong future for all participants and the future of humanity and constant positive publicity.

(Citing) General Assembly of the United Nations:

Ambition, Urgency Needed to Address Global Emergency, Secretary-General Says Just over a decade is all that remains to stop irreversible damage from climate change.

IPCC Working Group 1 Report is a code red for humanity. The alarm bells are deafening, and the evidence is irrefutable: greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning and deforestation are choking our planet and putting billions of people at immediate risk. Global heating is affecting every region on Earth, with many of the changes becoming irreversible. The internationally agreed threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius is perilously close.

We are at imminent risk of hitting 1.5 degrees in the near term. The only way to prevent exceeding this threshold is by urgently stepping up our efforts and pursuing the most ambitious path. We must act decisively now to keep 1.5 alive. We are already at 1.2 degrees and rising.

(Citing - American Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 188) Climate change is expected to dramatically affect communities worldwide in the coming decades, altering the patterns of many ambient exposures and disasters, including extreme temperatures, heatwaves, rising solid sea levels, wildfires, droughts, and floods. These exposures, in turn, can affect risks for a variety of human diseases and health outcomes. Climate epidemiology plays an essential role in informing policy related to climate change and its threats to public health.

Islands suffer more in the future than other parts of the world. However, Taiwan did commit itself to several climate agreements and needed to increase its efforts to comply with them. With this project, Taiwan can prove its commitment and collect the international society to do it on Taiwan soil.

Due to political reasons, Taiwan cannot take part in the different international organizations. But Taiwan can invite all these organizations to participate in the Village project with an observation task force, participate in the other think tanks and assist the local international companies and organizations with advice and practical support. The need for these organizations to join the Koxinga Village is evident in the gathering of all other international participants.

Haiti is a bad example of all that can go wrong on an island—returning destructive storms and a complete collapse of the economy. If these natural disasters happen in Taiwan, existing external forces are ready to take over the island right away. Little is known of the impact of climate change on the larger islands such as Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Iceland, Ireland, Cuba, or even the United Kingdom.

Many peninsulas are experiencing climate change on their shores and landscape, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain. Portugal, Greece, Italy, India, Korea, parts of Russia and USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, the whole southern part of southern Americans. Billions of people are affected who are all in need of a solution.

The reports demand speed, direct action, and profound research. All these should be concentrated in one village for good organization and streamlining of applied efforts daily. In Koxinga, we create a real-time connection system. A fast knowledge-to-action approach saves lives. The central organization is the key to survival.

Taiwan is part of the solution

Taiwan should become the first to be entirely independent of fossil fuels, utterly self-sufficient in energy, import food products, and 100% waste recycling. To do this, Taiwan must become the international trial ground of companies and organizations to accomplish this.

An essential benefit of a climate-oriented approach of the village is the direct spin of thousands of new jobs, ranging from maintenance to researcher, driver, and teacher. It is expected that a village of 500 international companies collected in a designated village compound at least bring over 1500 direct jobs and over 5000 spins off jobs in the vicinity.

Taiwanese younger generations grow up knowing that Taiwan did everything in its possibilities to be at the forefront of securing the safety of the global climate. Besides that, they have a direct connection, through the village, with every major company of the world and direct access to job opportunities, innovative education, and practical knowledge.

Climate change is the new business model of the future. All activities include sustainability, self-sufficient housing, business units, new agriculture with the same turnover, no waste business, and many more samples. In Koxinga Village, we collect international activities and concentrate the future companies into a small surface. A concentration of knowledge, research, testing, and application to basic manufacturing. In short, Taiwan becomes a focus of the future and change.  

Competition between companies makes those effective solutions enter the market often late and sometimes too late. Taking away the competitive edge between companies is only possible when the goal is in the interest of all and the benefits are shared. Due to the urgency of climate change, we need applied science in the most practical way.

Participants can use the discoveries of the village work first in their own country to generate turnover. Thus, the village is the needed test ground for everything of the Smart Village project where integration of all technologies leads to a self-sufficient, sustainable, and interactive community.

The world must act as one, and Koxinga Village is the first accurate sample of that.

The call for the internationalization of the problem is loud and clear, and there is a strong need for a collective approach and effort, which is only possible when companies and organizations come together in one place and work together right away.

All world islands are under threat, and this accounts for all peninsulas and locations along seaside’s, rivers, and canals. Moreover, the most prominent cities in the world are located near the sea and in danger of rising sea levels.

In Koxinga Village, we bring the international community together to study nature as an asset to our lives. We turn the powers of Earth into energy to be used for our benefit. We explore the sea as a farm and future living space while using this knowledge for area traveling.

Koxinga Village community or united nations?

Koxinga village is located in central Taiwan, near Tainan, starting point of the Shalun Green Energy Plant. This central location has many connecting programs available.

Efficiency and speed is the key to solve this urgent problem. To do this, we need real-time communication, interpersonal contact, direct meetings, fact decision-making, and immediate practical testing and application. The only setting which makes this possible is the village system. Small organized and everybody should know everybody while taking away the competitive edge of society.

Our world is at stake, and when everybody realizes this in a small, closed community, there is a will and need to cooperate and become a group of connected individuals with one goal that makes the difference.

Koxinga Village must be the testing ground for integrating technology in self-sufficiency, sustainability, and practical, directly applicable solutions, a sample of the United Nations in action.

The direct effect in Taiwan is the connecting of action places from all over the island into one network of sustainable, ecological, innovative, and otherwise future-directed companies, activities, buildings, gardens, production centers, and all related activities. Due to the size of the island and efficient transportation, there is a minimum of time lost. Thus, Koxinga Village becomes the spider in the countrywide network, which is in constant negotiation with supporting local, regional, and Governing national bodies.

Predicted results

To measure results, we set clear, measurable goals, such as;

• The Koxinga Village collects international companies and organizations into one place, which puts Taiwan into a central spot on the global map for climate change.

• Koxinga Village strives to have the most significant database in the world of all practical applications on sustainability, eco-technology, island security technology, storm and disaster alarm, and security systems, and energy technology.

• Taiwan becomes the first with an entire self-sufficient village as a sample to the world and an example of reorganizing society.

• Koxinga Village is a sample for international governing of groups with different economic, cultural, religious, and other backgrounds into an organized community.

• Work in Koxinga Village is measurable in innovative results and practical applications.

• Koxinga Village should be financially independent and profitable, focusing on self-sufficiency, innovation, tourism, and digital finance systems.

• Koxinga Village could become the center of data finance such as different crypto technologies with low energy consumption, climate investment bank system, evident sustainability and self-sufficient return on investment plans, and the innovation investment bank.

• Taiwan as an island should become the center of sea-farming.

• Koxinga Village Taiwan has its own news channel for global coverage and updates on climate change, innovations, and communities.

Budget planning

Cost of the project

The current estimated, calculated price for building a zero-emission, completely self-sufficient home is between 6 – 7 million TWD for a single family-size prefab standing home. Build on a land plot of around 30 x 30 meters in a project of a block of 20-30 homes. The price goes down when the buildings are located in a closer quarter. Prefab is chosen for the speed of the project; local building could be cheaper.

This project counts on around 500 participating companies and organizations with a minimum of 1 family as representatives. For this, we need around 500 housing facilities varying from small apartments to free-standing homes with working units attached.

The cost of infrastructural facilities is calculated at around 7 billion TWD.

Flexible Office and workspace are needed for all participants and are measured around 20-30 M2 per single working person. Calculated based on working, researching, and practical construction place, this total accounts for about 24.000 M2 virtual space divided among different buildings.

The project design included infrastructure budget is calculated around 10 billion TWD.

Benefits of the project

Each house sells for around 10-15 million TWD, all offices and facilities are for rent every month, each citizen pays taxes according to the Taiwanese regulations. There is a good return of investment to expect.

The ROI for real estate is calculated at about 45%. It is calculated to be a long-term return of investment for office space with a high margin of 20-25%.

But this project is not about profit but a total gain of Taiwan on the international stage.

Designated tourism as a source of income

The Koxinga Village is an international gathering and receives the interest of many foreign visitors hearing of the project. Daily tourist tours around the village and facilities are expected. All these visitors deliver a natural turnover for the tourist industry, hotels and restaurants, transportation, and all retail companies in the country. The Koxinga Village is expected to generate around 5000+ visitors a year. The number of tourists may be calculated between 50.000 – 100.000 persons a year.

Participate in the project and get to action.

Your action counts. The future depends on you. Start today and contact right away. Taiwan and the world are waiting for solutions, and you are part of it. Be a partner, join and make it happen. Contact me as soon as you can. Mobile +31653333828 (Line / Whatsapp)

E-mail; project@koxinga-village.org

Introduction of the initiator.

Arnaud van der Veere was born in The Hague, the city of Peace and Justice, in 1960. He studied Bio-Chemistry at Delft University, The Netherlands, with a keen interest for active lifestyles and healthy living. He combined his interests in sports and business with a career as a professional athlete, trainer, coach, and finally as an entrepreneur by founding his own company.

Starting in 1975 he frequently visited Thailand for his career in martial arts. During his stays he learned various cultural traditions in health and lifestyle. He met his wife, who is of Chinese and Thai descent. They now have three university-educated children.

He first visited the mainland China in 1984. This was directly followed by his visit to Taiwan in January 1985. Here he developed both friendships and business relationships. Many visits followed, during which he became deeply interested in the region’s social, political, economic, and strategic development.

Over the decades, this has resulted in a variety of projects in Taiwan, China, and other countries. To name some examples:

• Electronic health record set up with NTU and NTUH

• Consultant FESCO

• Visiting Professor at the ZUST and other University lectures

• Different book publications, for example "一夜好眠 睡眠及睡眠紊乱" and "远 离 成 瘾 症"

• Sports activities such as gym participation and teaching

During his extensive travels through Taiwan and China and after observing the growing tensions between the two, Arnaud came up with the idea of the Koxinga Village. This resulted in discussions, consultations, and visits to different locations, and to his conclusion that ‘the only way to have a peaceful solution, is to make this plan become reality.’

Koxinga-Village.org is an initiative of Eurasia CV, The Hague, Netherlands

Contact person – Arnaud van der Veere

Address – Spui 214e, 2511 BX The Hague

Mobile +31653333828 (Line / Whatsapp)

E-mail; project@koxinga-village.org

Disclaimer - The Koxinga Project is an independent project and is not politically motivated. Our goal is only a sav/fe Taiwan. Behind this goal is no ideology of independence, conflict search or otherwise. Only the people (natural citizen) is allowed and able to chose their own (political) faith.